Alice in Wonderland

I don’t know how everyone else is doing, but yesterday I was wondering what Alice in Wonderland koolaid I drank. It was an intense day where I felt unheard and unseen and came out swinging – shots fired.
Luckily this morning I woke and could literally physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually feel a shift and I feel like I can FINALLY come up for air and BREATHE…
“Folks keep asking me when, when, WHEN is the astrological whirlwind going to stop. But here’s the deal, dear wild hearted wonders, it’s NOT stopping.
The cosmic plan is for us to get used to this new level of intensity. And energy. We’re being asked to expand and get BIGGER.
To shake off the shackles and become more and more who we were meant to be. We all have important work to do and that’s only going to happen when we ( more or less) willingly walk away from those ancient stories of inadequacy, not good enoughness and our allegiance to what keeps us small.” – Chris Zydel
“When it comes to May, the air sign family (Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius) is set to “struggle” this coming month, as there will be a number of planets traveling through earth and water signs. On the flip side, earth and water signs will thrive during Taurus season, as these are the feminine elements in astrology, and this energy reminds them of home. With Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto traveling through these signs, those with prominent air and fire in their birth charts might have a hard time this coming month…
Change is here, and with the sun, Mercury, Venus, and your ruling planet Uranus activating your fourth house of home, family, and emotional foundation this season, there’s a whole lot happening in your humble abode, whether it be physically or emotionally speaking. Who you are at your core is changing, and in turn, reflecting onto your home life.
Truth is, your foundation feels a bit shaky as of late, and while you’re trying to find somewhere solid to stand, you feel as though there’s a see-saw beneath you.” – Valerie Mesa
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