All is Born From Great Darkness

All is born from great darkness. I think of plants – whose roots begin in the dark underbelly of Gaia growing to the hum and vibration of Mother Earth. Mammals and humans alike must gestate in the darkness of their mother’s wombs – guided by the sound of her sacred heartbeat. Our souls emerge from the darkness of our shadows like great constellations in the blackest of night skies with our Ancestors singing, calling us home. In the darkness, is where all creation begins…
“Before the beginning, all was darkness and all was void. There was no light, no sound, no movement, no life, no time. In its emptiness, the darkness fell upon itself and became aware it was nothing. Unborn and silent – in its emptiness, it knew it was alone.
In its loneliness, the darkness cried out and from this vibration, all other sounds were born. The sound rose and spread through the entire void and as it echoed – all of the sounds became one – the sound became many – and the sound became the wheel that turned and turned the worlds unto the dance of life.
If you listen, you can hear it now – in your breath, your heart, on the wind, the water, amidst the trees, and sky; it is in your own mind – in the rhythm of each and every thought.” – Anodea Judith, Wheels of Life
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