Ancestral Wisdom

I am “highly sensitive the way sand is sensitive to the wave, the way trees are sensitive to the quality of air, the way a wolf can hear another creature step into her territory from over a mile away…”

How many of us have studied religion after religion, trying to find a ‘home’ but never feeling connected to anything but the Old Ways- the ways that course through our blood, breathing life in the cells of those who came before us…Our ancestors.

How many of us have felt like outcasts most of our lives spending much of our time in the solitude of nature? Realizing we are ‘sensitive, emotional creatures’ or as others call us, empaths.

How many of us prefer to feel the earth between our toes in blades of grass, kisses from a breeze caressing our skin, fingers if sunlight and marigold?

Beginning the path is not easy but more of a calling one cannot ignore for it speaks to you in your dreams and your waking life feels veiled… walking between two realms at the same time…

How many of us want to know everything as we realize that with knowledge comes wisdom? I am currently reading four books…at the same time.

Today my words are this: you are not alone ?

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