Animal Guides: Oh, Great and Mighty Spirit

In my younger years I believed my sole purpose was to be a “work horse.” I put all else aside to conquer the corporate world. Once I reached the top of that ladder, I realized how corrupt and internally ugly many had become as they were consumed with greed and power.

Then I experienced profound loss, over and over, until I thought my own heart would stop beating from sadness- from a broken heart. I wondered if I would or could ever feel whole again. It felt as though my heart had been ripped from my chest leaving a vacant, empty void of darkness in its place.

I found myself searching, yearning, and longing for answers. This led to the evolution of my soul. I began to write, publicly, sharing my deepest darkest fears- facing truths I had diligently suppressed.

And then one day my heart began to beat again. A dark clouded veil seemed to be lifting and it was a painful process as my heart cracked wide open.

As I looked around me, no one else seemed to notice I was changing in a very profound way while the rest of the world remained unchanged.

I began to notice the way light reflected from crystal prisms, flowers effervescent in full bloom. I began to notice the birds, singing in their beauty, enchanted by their song. I saw butterflies in every corner, transformed from what they once were.

And then the crows came. After my mom passed, my aunt sent me an email simply stating to “watch for the crows.” We are Native American, descendants of the crow tribe.

Since that time, I have noticed them wherever I go. It’s almost become a game of sorts where even my friends have taken notice stating, “There’s your crow.”

I haven’t yet comprehended what all this means but I believe in sacred symbols, spirit guides, and synchronicity (which seems to happen to me always).

This morning, I had to pull off the freeway as I noticed these beautiful birds in flight.

My spirit soared and I felt free

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