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Ok, Spirit Fam, how many of you practice Automatic Writing?
We have a Bhava Spiritual Mission Minister, Harmony Purdy, who is amazing at this! Me? Meh – not so much. My head usually gets too much in the way – although, that’s probably my head getting in the way as I write this – as I have done a lot of channeled writing but find it usually works best for me if I’m typing. It’s the actual writing by hand that seems to give me blocks, but I digress…
So, this morning I started watching a show on Prime (regarding Automatic Writing with Frances Pullin) and thought hmmmm I should be meditating. Maybe afterwards, I’ll give this another go…
And so I did and today my head stayed quiet while my hand continued to move – spreading blue ink on lined pages of white. Only, I didn’t (or rather, Spirit didn’t) stay within the lines. While the messages were quite poetic? Metaphoric? A bit cryptic? They feel very meaningful:
“Ancestors here to help you. Wish you on your journey wisdom. Never alone. Always here. Always with you. Never forget.
Much to do. Not now. Now rest. Healing. Spirituality. Emotionally. Physically. All one. All same. Let go. Be still. Be quiet. Body Mind like quiet.
All here. Fire bright sun. You are moon. Calm, quiet, dark. Too hot in sun. Once blind, now see. White stallion, go forward. Fast. Free. Gentle breeze or fateful storm. You decide.”
I would LOVE to hear about your own experiences with Automatic Writing

How To Do Automatic Writing: A Beginner’s Guide

We often turn to the written word to uncover some sort of truth.

Writing can be an incredible therapeutic process for many, especially when it comes to matters of the heart and mind.

Automatic writing, or channeling, is a tool that many psychics and clairvoyants use to transcribe messages from the subconscious mind and the ethereal world.

When done properly, automatic writing can give us unique insights into our lives, helping us feel more connected to the spiritual world and our higher selves.

Whether you’ve heard of automatic writing in the past, want to learn more, or wish to try it for yourself, read on for everything you need to know about this powerful technique.


The Power to Look Both Within and Beyond

In Hollywood films, automatic writing is almost always portrayed in a negative light. It often features a scary psychic hunched over a paper, manically scribbling haunting messages across a page. This depiction, however, could not be farther from the truth.

In fact, if automatic writing feels negative, you are probably tapping into a force or human emotion that you do not want to channel.

When done properly, this exercise should leave you with a positive sense of peace and insight. It can be a powerful tool to clear the mind and open the soul to messages from the beyond.


How To Do Automatic Writing

Automatic writing is a powerful technique that many psychics practice in order to strengthen their spiritual powers.

Some people first try it when they want to contact a loved one or receive spiritual guidance during a time of need. However, it can also be a great way to strengthen your sense of spirituality as a whole.

If you are new to psychic powers, automatic writing can be a good way to start developing clairvoyant and clairaudient skills and strengthen your bond with the spiritual world.

Whether you’re considering trying a psychic session with the help of a professional, or you want to try automatic writing at home, below we have listed our top tips.


Eliminate Distractions

The first step is to eliminate distractions. In order to truly form a connection with the ethereal world, you need to leave all worldly concerns and rational thoughts behind. This will allow you to open your soul in order to look within and consult your Higher Self or look outwardly towards the beyond.

In order to do this, you will need to eliminate distractions. This means turning off all electronics and preparing a workspace where you will feel comfortable to write freely.


Call on a Specific Spiritual Being

For some, it helps to call on a specific spiritual being to provide guidance. This can be achieved by simply calling out to them by name or jotting down their name on a piece of paper. Some psychics like to start their session by inscribing ‘My Angels’, “My Higher Self’, or ‘My Spiritual Guide’ on a piece of paper. If you wish to speak with a specific spirit, you can also write down their names at this point.

Thinking about that spirit and opening your aura to them at this point is important in order to make sure you connect to the right being at this point. Connecting with your Higher Self is also a great option that can allow your inner soul to speak its ultimate truth.


Clear Your Mind

This step may take some practice, but it is key in order for automatic writing to work. Our minds are constantly thinking, so learning how to switch off that rational thought and allow spiritual forces to take over can be challenging for many. However, there are techniques that can help.

Some enjoy practicing meditation in order to clear their minds. This can help realign your spiritual center and rid yourself of rational thoughts.

It is important not only to clear your mind before starting, but to also remain in a subconscious state throughout the entire session. This will prevent your rational thoughts from interfering with the ethereal message, which could potentially ruin the entire session.


Don’t Analyze or Think About What You’re Writing

During automatic writing, it is important to maintain a clear mind at all times. While it may be tempting to analyze the things that you are writing down in the moment, this rational analysis could interfere with the spiritual message. During the session, your rational mind should essentially act as a passenger, with spiritual forces guiding your hands across the page.


Don’t Worry About Making Sense at First

A form of clairvoyance and clairaudience, automatic writing is a psychic ability that takes practice. You can think of it similar to trying to pick up a signal on a radio. At times we may be able to tune to the right frequency for just a few minutes before the message gets cut off by radio static.

When it comes to messages from the beyond, a similar thing can happen where we are only able to pick up on fragments of the message at a time. Interferences happen especially when our rational thoughts get in the way.

If you find that the words you wrote down during a session don’t make any sense, don’t get discouraged! This type of skill takes time to perfect, but as long as you are always working to clear your mind and to open your soul to the beyond, you will be able to strengthen your spiritual connection.

Spiritual guides also like to be poetic and metaphoric at times, so make sure you’re reading in between the lines as well.


The Difference Between Automatic Writing and Free Flow Writing: How to Tell You’re Channeling the Spiritual World

If you’ve ever taken a creative writing class, you may have already performed a similar technique to automatic writing in the past.

Automatic writing essentially allows us to free our mind of worries and thoughts in order to seek a deeper truth from within.  This technique is sometimes used in creative writing classes in the form of “free flow writing” or a “brain dump.”

The main difference between the two is that supernatural powers help guide your writing during an automatic writing session, in order to reveal a psychic message from the beyond or from your higher self.


The Rational Mind vs The Subconscious

The main difference between channeling and simple free flow writing is that regular writing uses rational thought, whereas automatic writing uses the subconscious. When you are free-flow writing, you are often still processing and thinking about what you are writing. The message is also usually focused on our current worries, feelings, and situations.

With automatic writing, however, the rational mind has to take a step away and allow the spiritual world to help guide your message. During this process, you should not be thinking about what you are writing or allowing your conscious thoughts to interfere.


Physical Sensation

Some people will physically feel their hands being pushed across the page from a spiritual source, while others will simply feel a special energy permeating from within. This experience is highly vibrational.

Some people will feel a spiritual being take control of their bodies and step into their minds, whereas other might enter a trance-like state similar to meditation, only to realize what they wrote on the page once they come back to their rational selves.


Difference in Style/Voice

In addition to the feeling that you receive, you may also notice that the “voice” and style of your writing is much different during an automatic writing session. It can often be poetic or metaphoric and reveal a deeper truth that your rational mind didn’t know before.

The type of writing that you perform during automatic writing will be very different than your typical style of writing since another being is dictating the voice and message.

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