Be Fearless in the Pursuit of What Sets Your Soul on Fire

Some people never reach the full potential of who they actually are as they too afraid of what others may say or how they may be perceived. Or, at the very least, they do not complete their mission until death…
For instance, Carl Gustav Jung, the visionary Swiss psychoanalyst who founded the field of depth psychology and viewed a person’s inner life as a source of enlightenment and healing, spent a lifetime studying dreams and their meanings. Fewer people realize that the master of dream therapy himself surreptitiously authored a secret book filled with his own ruminations, dreams, and hallucinogenic drawings ​— ​The Red Book | Liber Novus. He had stipulated in his will that he did not want it published in his Collected Works as he did not feel it was of scholarly character.
Jung was already ostracized following his break with Freud, and he had resigned his position at the Burghölzli, a renowned psychiatric clinic in Zurich where he had treated the ramblings of delusional patients as material worthy of interpretation rather than as unintelligible ravings and had developed the first word-association tests validating the role of the unconscious. He also resigned as chair of the International Psychoanalytical Association, where he had been placed by Freud. Jung was acutely aware of the risks The Red Book posed to his reputation. So Jung buried his soul into his dream journal and hid it away to protect himself. Over 100 years later, it has finally been released to publication – and what an amazing book it is, indeed. Yet, Jung himself, feared the backlash that may follow if he published his findings and worried about losing his scholarly status and ruining his reputation.
Or Leonardo Da Vinci‘s work – Da Vinci’s notebooks were not intended for publication, and he didn’t share them with scientists while he was alive. He was possessive of his work. Now 500 years later, we finally have access to this man’s brilliant mind. Many scholars and purveyors of science and medicine believe that had he openly shared his work, we might have understood certain parts of human anatomy much earlier. His notes included descriptions of the circulatory system decades, if not centuries, before they were included in medical textbooks…
I think of Noah and his vision of building the ark. He believed in what he was doing and pursued it fiercely. He was not swayed by those who had no comprehension and who were unwilling to understand. He was ridiculed and still, he remained unswayed by what he was instructed to do by God.
I know when I started really delving into my psychic and mediumship work, I was terrified of how I might be received. What would people say? And let me tell you, people seemed to have a lot to say in the beginning.
But my faith and my trust in Great Spirit moved me beyond that fear. Beyond other people’s words and judgments and perceptions. I couldn’t contain or control what I’ve been called here to do. It was something greater than I and when something pursues you to your very core – contained within every breath and heartbeat – for me, anyway, I had no choice but to answer that call…
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