Behold: I AM

I do not profess to be a leader

A teacher, nor a prophet;
I am not a god, although I embraced my inner goddess centuries ago.
I am broken, and I am weak
I am fragile, but I am strong
I am fierce—I am fire.

I am a f*cking warrior,
And everything in between—
I am perfect chaos.
My beliefs lie somewhere between
Buddhist and Baptist;
I am contradiction.
I am want; I am need.
I am thirsty for truth,
I love, I lust, I desire.
I am stained glass
Vibrant color and light;
I am laughter, I am joy
I am darkness and despair.
I have fought fierce battles
Slain demons and dragons.
I am life,
And I will always overcome.

Author: Mary Rogers

Editor: Toby Israel

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