Blessed Be

This morning I awoke to crisp air on my face, birds singing from their sanctuary with the occasional, “who-who” echoing in the distance.

This morning I awoke thinking of evolution, change, things growing, things leaving, new arenas and endless possibilities.

Today we take my Niece to journey to the next chapter of her life at Idaho State University. I am so grateful to be a part of this walk, although, I still distinctly remember her as an infant and wonder at the ferocity at which time moves.

Tomorrow we will be in Utah, saying our goodbyes to our Father, who has moved into the next realm – though not yet passed. They are awaiting our arrival prior to removing any tubes.

To the winds of the East, where inspiration is conceived, Please join us.

To the winds of the South, where the Jaguar’s swim, please join us.

To the winds of the West, where dreams are birthed, please join us.

To the winds of the North, where wisdom and inspiration lie, please join us.

To Father Sky and Mother Earth, and The Great Spirit of All, please join us. We welcome you.

To my guides: The Raven/Crow, The Wolf, The Owl, the Dove, The Stallion, the Fox, and The Brown Bear, I invite you to please join us. We welcome you.

For this is a time of guidance, remembrance, and compassion, I call in our ancestors to guide my Niece on her sacred walk and to watch over her, protect her, and keep her safe ALWAYS and in All Ways.

I pray and humbly ask to help my Father through his transitioning over. My it be full of light, love, and eternal peace.

As above, So below.
As within, So without.
As the Universe, So my Soul.
And so it is.
Blessed be.

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