Mary Rogers is truly a caring person and coach! I fully enjoyed being in the Rise // Self-Expansion & Self-Mastery Group! She pushes you to go deep and work on healing, releasing, and manifesting what you want in your life – and all this within just the first couple of weeks. This doesn’t even address the second half of the program. I highly recommend this intensive as a level one commitment, and Mary as a coach! I was drawn to her openness, her vulnerability, and her ability to hold space with compassion. And she’s the real deal. So many people these days only show sunshine and roses. Mary tells it like it is and shares her life story – all of it. She is open and authentic and as one who has had very similar life experiences, it takes a lot of courage for one to be so open about their life. Kudos for her bravery and it’s wonderful how it kind of just rubs off and makes you feel more courageous and let’s you know you’re not alone. I truly appreciate her and look forward to working with her again.” ~Christine Lunde


“I absolutely love the fact that I can keep coming back and getting the next steps as Mary opened this group indefinitely for us. My pace is going through the course has been agonizingly slow as I have had so much going on in my life, but this information is pivotal with each step that I take. It was foundational in starting my journey, and sustaining me while I am on it. Thank you so much, Mary, for putting this class together and providing a plethora of information and insight… it is invaluable. I have learned and experienced so much. Highly recommended.” ~Jaime Marjanovich


“The inner work I have done with Mary has changed my perspective, I feel calmer, more self confident and motivated. I didn’t realize howmany of life’s burdens and traumas I was still holding onto, some still very painful. With her guidance I was able to cut through the layers and reveal the wounds.  She has provided me with some invaluable tools that have helped me love and honor myself.When you work with Mary expect to cry, laugh, grieve, find peace and ultimately grow. She leads you through deep inner healing with anexample that is infectious. Her life is an open book to those she works with and her personal story of overcoming is inspiring. Mary’sno hold back approach to coaching helped me find the courage to shed light on my dark and hidden places. We all have suffered trauma in our lives and the act of openly sharing can be the catalyst that starts your inner transformation. Her nurturing and empowering approach to inner work takes you beyond talk therapy into radical healing.  She creates an environment that supports you as you strip away that which no longer serves you, and hands you the tools to rebuild yourself into a work of art.” -Maura Noling