“I sat down with the Universe and told her I wanted to grow. I told her to use me as a vessel. So she made me uncomfortable. She stripped me of everything I knew. She made me learn how to be silent. How to let go. How to move on. How to stand my ground. How to be more understanding. How to fight. How to survive. How to be more assertive. More loving. Less naive…” – Frances Bean Cobain
She broke me and stripped me bare so I could see where the light had entered the cracks. She revealed stars vast beautiful to illuminate my path back to the constellations of my soul. She let me wander, barefoot through the forest listening only to the sounds of breath and heartbeat – want and need – until exhausted, I took refuge in the wings of a Crow buried deep within her nest. And there I stayed until soul renewed revealed my pack and we ran and ran stopping only to howl at the moon…
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