Cracked Open – Know Thyself

There comes a time in life when you come to truly know thyself and with that can come mixed emotions. There will always be parts of ourselves that we are utterly and completely in love with: our gifts, our zest for life, connection, our ability to feel, to hear, to listen. There comes a point when our hearts crack wide open and love and light move through us and we fall in love with everything and everyone around us as we realize we are all one – that we truly are mirrored reflections of each other.

There will also come a time when we feel moved to action – a reaction to your awakening. During this time you may feel lost, disconnected, afraid, insecure – and you see darkness where once there was light. This is also a natural response as we move through our humanity in our pain bodies. This is also an important part of the process.

See discomfort should inspire change. There’s a reason we’re moving through those emotions. We can’t just ignore these feelings or try to cover them, smother them, or completely spiritually bypass them. That only causes temporary relief. Momentary elation. But these feelings will return if they have not been acknowledged, seen, heard, felt, and then released.

There comes a time when we must embrace our shadow – when we must dance with our shadow. We must hold up a light to examine and explore our shadow. We have to embrace, recognize, and accept all aspects of ourselves so that we can fully return to the feel-goods.

No matter which phase you may be in, you must know, love, and accept what is. No good or bad. No right or wrong. No judgement. You have your own very unique blueprint and must embrace your path wholeheartedly. Believe in you. Know that yours is truly the only approval you will ever need. Stop seeking validation. Find your voice and grow your wings.  

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