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I am so grateful for the life I’ve been able to create. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to understand that THIS is real life Blessings and abundance and living a life that truly aligns with our soul doesn’t have to be hard. It takes commitment, yes. Determination, dedication, and above all – Faith. Trusting in the Unseen. Knowing with ABSOLUTE conviction that you are supported by the heavens and Great Spirit to follow your heart and fulfill your destiny. We have all been given our own individual blueprints in this life. We are each so unique and special and Divine. And if you don’t believe me – just look at your fingertips. You’ve been given a signature that doesn’t match anyone else in the entire world.
I often think that if everyone actually understood the power they contain inside – we could all literally change the world. We’ve been mired by tradition, wounding, trauma, conditioning, and domestication. Yet, once you finally dismantle – layer by precious layer – let go, surrender, accept, and heal – it’s like everything suddenly becomes so clear. Invest in your own personal growth and healing! It’s literally the greatest gift you could ever give yourself.
Today, amidst readings, I am putting the finishing touches on The Bhava Healing Method (which I’m currently teaching in the Bhava Spiritual Mission‘s Developmental, Foundational, and Leadership programs). For more information, please contact Ingrid Turner. We’re also working to develop an in-person training program locally that will be announced very soon – so be on the lookout for that…
I’m also working on an Intuitive Tarot class, putting notes together for a Divination lesson within Bhava next week, and putting together next weeks “sermon” for Bhava’s Sunday Service. I’m going to be announcing a local sound healing coming up that I get the pleasure of facilitating…AND today we have a Practice Reading call and a lesson on Mediumship.
Once I let go of fear (which has been a very long process) and found my confidence to embrace all of who I am – I grew wings. And now it all feels surreal. Every day I get to create magic and facilitate deep healing and giving closure or guidance to others from a sacred well that flows through me – a gift given from Spirit and the Divine.
And I am so, soooo grateful.
📸 It all started with a mustard seed and a community and a leader that said I could. And I did. So grateful to Bhava Ingrid and the entire community of Ministers!
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