Credentials of Ministry (ULC) | Master of Wicca (ULC) | Certificate of Ordination (Bhava)


Mary Rogers, is an Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church and is also currently enrolled in Bhava Spiritual Mission Leadership Ministry. Her ordination allows her to perform Handfasting, Officiate Wedding Ceremonies and Vows (and if you are writing your own, as a writer, Ms. Rogers can also assist), Baptisms, Deliver Sermons, Provide Personal Ministry, act as a Chaplain, and Officiate Funerals.


The Universal Life Church Monastery (ULC) is a non-denominational, non-profit religious organization. The ULC, recognizes the importance of maintaining open hearts and minds, embraces any individual, no matter their spiritual background. The ULC has also become renowned for its role as a champion of religious freedom, social justice, and spiritual expression. While the Universal Life Church Monastery has become a global leader in these fields, it largely attributes that status to the commitment and competence of the millions of empowered ministers brought together in a world tent of togetherness.



Bhava Spiritual Mission specializes in cultivating a connection to divine spirit through the modalities of psychic intuition, channeling, mediumship, and energy healing. This non-profit organization helps others to develop their intuitive gifts as a vehicle to express the divine, and are committed to serving the planet as ambassadors of divine love. The Ordained Ministers of this program have committed to fully living their lives in partnership with Spirit.