My first treatment, I was definitely in a place in my life where I had a ton of anxiety and back pain. Lying down and receiving a reiki treatment was very foreign to me. I was always used to deep massages where I was in a little bit of pain that ended up helping me relax. I walked out of my first session feeling lighter and that my back pain had dissipated. I was not sure at all what had just happened, but I knew I felt better. My mind couldn't comprehend it, but I was very aware that my mind was relaxed and my body felt so much better. That's when my journey with reiki began.
Mary is a gifted healer. She has a soft presence about her and emits such love and compassion. She has a kind heart and her beautiful spirit shines through. Mary's ability to be intuitive during her sessions have always proven true. She speaks the truth and from her heart. It is always a pleasure to receive Reiki energy from Mary, you just relax and enjoy the movement of energy and peace takes over. ~ Celeste M. Best.


As one who works in the healing arts, I find it challenging to find a practitioner of the high level of skill that I want to work on me. Mary is that. Her healing session with me was very heart centered. I felt cared for and supported as she held sacred space for my process. She was fully present and accurate in her assessment of the areas in my body where I have issues. I enjoyed the oracle cards that were used after the healing was completed. I felt clear and balanced afterwards and very appreciative of what she assisted me in releasing.~Anjali Devi (


I had my first (ever) Reiki session with Mary and I really has no idea was to expect. She did such a great job of making me feel comfortable and at ease. For me, Reiki was like an assisted meditation. It was very relaxing, similar to a massage but with intention. I came out of it feeling invigorated and supported by the universe around me. I felt in complete alignment and clear to focus on my goals. It was healing and rejuvenating all in one breath. I would definitely do it again. I love how Mary is always willing to work on whatever you really want to focus on. I highly recommend her and her services! ~ Sirena Kay


I loved my Reiki session with Mary. She has a healing touch and a gentle loving soul. The session was both relaxing and rejuvenating, and I moved better afterwards, felt better than I'd felt in months. My acupuncturist even commented on how well my body had responded to the session with Mary! Highly recommended! ~ Janet M. Ryan.