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While putting the finishing touches on The Bhava Healing Method (currently being taught online, however, we are doing a local (in-person) 8 week series beginning the first week of July), I came across this diagram in ‘Hands of Light: A Guide to Healing book’ by Barbara Ann Brennan and stopped to reread this portion.
Lately, I’ve been feeling very bloated in my tummy area and have been experiencing excruciating pain in my right shoulder, rotator cuff, neck, and even my jaw. I talked to my doctor and he said it is likely arthritis and inflammation from a head-on collision I had back in 1996 wherein I had broke my shoulder but refused surgery. I’ve also (as many of you know) had many ongoing breast issues over the last 7 years. So when I saw these diagrams, I had to know more.
In her book, Barbara Brennan says it’s compaction in the stomach from unprocessed rage. She said it may be hard to even reveal it to process and heal as it has been so repressed. She said the compaction happens in the stomach with energy “leaking” from the shoulders and breasts which causes these areas to become weak, breakdown, and cause injury – which if not dealt with can lead to a permanent disability.
Intrigued, I’ve been doing A LOT of energy work around this over the last week.
Last night, I had a dream where I had a “sliver” in the palm of my hand. I went to pull it out and noticed I had several more. I started tugging and before I knew it, my entire palm was opening and there were hundreds of little, long, translucent worms. I would pull on one and an entire cluster would fall out. It was the grossest and freakiest thing ever. I woke up taking deep breaths, grounding in, and meditating as I was so disturbed (on an emotional level) and feeling anxiety bubbling into panic.
In my dream, Kiska, my dog, was the only other being present and I was doing my best to keep her away from the worms as she was being overly curious.
I decided to look up the meaning of my dream because though I tried (and am usually really good with dream interpretation and symbolism), I could not define the meaning of what I had dreamt.
This is what I found and I love how all of this fits together like a perfectly placed puzzle piece:
“If worms are coming out of your body in your dream, such a dream is actually a good sign, signifying some repressed feelings and emotions finally coming out in the open, so you can confront and deal with them…”
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