As many of you know, I have struggled with severe and complex anxiety for as long as I can remember. This is an energy that Spirit has really been working with me on (as well as grief – which I believe both will be emotions I will be working directly with in the future to help bring healing to others).
One insight came through very strongly (which I shared in the last Soul Session video I did just a couple of weeks ago). Yesterday, I received another clear message regarding anxiety I want to share – but in order to do so, I first must give you some insights into the magic that has been unfolding in my life that I keep speaking of…
So this week I had a powerful experience with a vision of a crone. Unbeknownst to me until Thursday – this was a shared vision with two other Ministers within Bhava Spiritual Mission. Though our visions were very personal and individualized in the healing medicine we received, we ALL experienced the Crone that revealed herself and led us to this healing. #mindblown
Then when I was having my 1:1 with Ingrid Turner, a very ancient ethereal energy revealed itself but would not (or could not fully materialize). The powerful thing about this specific energy is that it also showed up in my healing session with Heather Rose. (Again, a shared experience of three).
I was so intrigued that I began working with my Spirit Board and Elysium came up repeatedly and the ethereal presence made itself known as a group (plural) of ancient healers. Intrigued, I started doing my own research.
I was happily surprised (and excited) when I came across an article that specifically talks about these beings and how they have been described as luminaries, stars, mother of stars, morning stars, stars of the morning or champions of light. (Article Here). Apparently, these beings make soul agreements with beings before they incarnate. Reading about the contrast – when out of sync and when in alignment (wounded vs. whole) – it all resonated very deeply.
Anywho – this article went on to talk about how because these are beings of light, when they incarnate in the Earth realm, they often experience difficulty because in this realm there is a lot darkness and is not always the best environment for idealism. Many are corrupted under the lens and guise of illusion. Also, many humans have been mired with wounding and trauma since birth. Unhealed and unconscious, the light can be squelched (though there is always a spark and an ember – a mustard seed of hope – just waiting to take hold).
So what does all of this have to do with anxiety?
Yesterday, I received a Spirit message loud and clear: When we have forgotten who we are and have become lost in our own illusion – when we are full of darkness (needing to heal old wounds and traumas) – or when we simply are living out of alignment with the truth of who we are (not honoring ourselves and our paths) – an internal conflict begins inside. A war with the energies within our souls and bodies and minds. This extreme contrast feels and shows up as anxiety. It is meant to make us uncomfortable enough to go into fight or flight and take action.
Once we identify or recognize where we are not in alignment and integrity – congruence – with ourselves and Spirit, the feeling will dissipate. So when you feel anxiety begin to bubble up, stop, take some deep breaths, ground in, and then ask yourself (with absolute honesty) – Where in my life am I being untrue to myself? Where have I neglected me? Where did I compromise my own integrity? Where did I forget the truth of who I am? Am I living in alignment with my Soul and with Great Spirit?
And when the answer comes – see it as information without judgement towards yourself. See it as information and then take the necessary steps to change what has transpired or work towards remaining in that alignment 1000% in the future. Not only will the anxiety go away – but trust me when I say – you will begin to see magic unfold in REAL TIME
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