Emotions Spilling Out

I’ve been thinking a lot about how writers bleed words in ink; the artist in paint. The photographer behind the lens. The one who molds clay between the palms of their hands. I’ve noticed a common link with all creatives – we all feel so deeply that our emotions spill out from that which we create. Most are highly prone to depression and have tried to create something beautiful from their ash.
Someone once asked me what writing was to me. I explained it as the air I breathe. But I’m realizing it’s so much more than that. The words and images we create is our way of shining light amidst the shadows. For many of us, our pen and our brush and our camera IS our sword. It’s how we keep the demons at bay.
Interesting then, how so many consider these professions to be just hobbies. It used to be the only devotion of the bard. In ink and paint and words and art we find our history. We dream and foretell of a better future for all. We relate in our souls to all of humanity as we expose our hearts beating within ribs of cage. It’s how we pass down the stories of our Ancestors for generations to come. These mediums have literally brought the past to the present and brought the current world to life. They are the buildings blocks for the foundation on which we stand…
? Edvard Munch
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