Ever had a reading that made you go, “Huh?!”

Ever had a reading that made you go, “Huh?!” Like you literally had no context of what the person was speaking to? Well, in those moments, store the information and then let it go. Just because this isn’t something maybe happening in the here and now – it doesn’t mean that it won’t come to fruition later. So keep it tucked somewhere in the back of your memory – and remember, it doesn’t mean the Reader got it wrong.
And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE when people come back around to validate what you saw, even though at the time, it made absolutely no sense.
This was a message I had given someone in a reading. It was a very clear vision I had, though at the time, it made no sense to my Sitter whatsoever:
“I felt you are working on a creative endeavor. Specifically, I saw a little girl standing before a pink wall with a white dry erasure board and she was writing in pink ink. This feels deeply personal and also a little vulnerable. I take this to mean you are about to “birth” something creative in the world but are feeling apprehensive. Trust yourself.”
And what an absolute JOY it was to later receive this message of validation!
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