Everyone is a Psychic

If you have a pulse, you have a soul. If you have a soul, you have intuition. If you have intuition, you have psychic abilities. Therefore, EVERYONE has psychic abilities. It’s really just a matter of how much you use and develop your gifts…
Everyone has that gut feeling about something or the picture that floats through the mindscape of your awareness or words that don’t belong to you riding your thought streams.Then, the gut feeling comes true and the picture from your mind happens. It now becomes a question of to what level do you want to take your natural intuitive abilities.
Tell me about your abilities. Tell me of dreams you’ve had (premonitions) that came true. Tell me about gut instincts and words and moments of clarity that you knew came from you – only you KNEW it was all Spirit led. Tell me about your supernatural or paranormal experiences. I want to hear about it all!
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