Everything you did brought you to where you are now – HOME

“Everything you did brought you to where you are now – HOME.” – Bran Stark (The 3-Eyed Raven), GOT S8 Ep.3
This quote from last night’s episode has stayed with me. And as my mind does, it began to contemplate life as a whole. We’ve all heard the term, “No Regrets,” and almost all of mythology tells a tale (be it the Norns, The Fates, or the Moirai) of our fate being predestined, prewritten in the stars. And yet, we have free will…
It is said that because of free will, we can change our destiny at any point – breaking and changing soul contracts or agreements we’ve made even before our souls transitioned into our human bodies and that our fate is never sealed.
And yet, I wonder. Are we, in fact, a part of something so much larger than we could have ever dreamed or imagined in the greater cosmic scheme of things?
I believe that we are.
I think we are all destined for greatness and are part of a plan that none could fully grasp in this state of being – within this and all realms and dimensions across space and time. Each, intrinsically interwoven within the great tapestry of life. And yet, who IS the recorder of all life and memory – past, present, and future?
Is it Great Spirit (God), an energetic imprint left behind in the ethos of life, is it recorded within our DNA, kept alive in the remembrance of our Ancestors? If we could collapse time and reality as we know it – what would we see? What would be left?
And are we sanctified because our life is meant to cross the paths of many for a specific outcome? Do we have a destiny we must fulfill before we cross into the next dimension? Or are ALL dimensions being played out at once? If our body dies in this realm, does it continue on in the next? Or do our bodies collapse in all dimensions? Or is our energetic residual simply floating along the wind within the realm in which we took our last breath?
Are we currently playing out all possible options and scenarios simultaneously? And at the very same time?
Yeah. This is where my mind goes when I go quiet…
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