Faith – Trusting the Unseen with Assistance Beyond the Veil

Where do I even begin?

I guess I will start with last night. I went to have a sleep study done in Roseville, CA. My check-in time was 10:00pm and was to go until 6:00am the following morning. I couldn’t believe the amounts of wires and chords that got hooked to my body. I also had to sleep on my back which felt like torture as I am a tummy sleeper. It took me forever to fall asleep (I want to say it was just past midnight) and by 5:15am, I was wide awake, alert, and ready to disconnect and go home. The technician stated that I had only slept approximately 4 – 4.5 hours.

Then we had Sunday Service today at 11:00am and I am still completely riding a Spirit high. What incredible energy. We began the service with introductions, a grounding meditation, and prayer. And then we briefly went over energy and I led everyone through some amazing exercises to actually feel and connect with energy. We talked about Faith and Trusting in the Unseen. And then I led everyone through a guided meditation to meet their Spirit Guides.

– Everyone had the opportunity to EXPERIENCE & FEEL energy
– Every Single Person got to meet at least ONE of their Spirit Guides | Others met SEVERAL
– Some even had SHARED experiences
– One woman said she has been to several Channeling Circles & Shamanic Journeys – yet TODAY was the FIRST time she actually MET TWO of her Guides
– Bhava Minister Yvonne Marie and I did a DYNAMIC channeling session for all who were present and completely LINKED. Two People, Two Bodies, One Mind. Some were even crying Spirit Tears afterwards.
And my heart is so full. I am home now and utterly exhausted but my soul feels peaceful – happy. And THIS is what reminds me time and time again WHY I love the work I do…
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