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Fireflies and Fairytales
I want to live on the edge of the world surrounded by forest and stream. I will foretell of fortunes and write poetry and novels from a nook in a cave before napping with the wolves. I will brew elderberry syrup while arnica oil rests on the window sill alongside homemade apple pies. There will be herbs and flowers from foraging hanging from the ceiling – lavender and sage.
Like Eleanor, I will sew white curtains while drinking tea from a cup of stars. The only sounds will be from the woods and the daily whistle of the kettle scattered somewhere between water, wind-chimes, singing bowls, and the song of my soul sung in harmony with the birds and the trees.
I will spend my spring clearing and planting neat little rows. Fall will bring the harvest and I will have a cellar full of Mason jars – brimming with the bounty of summer. I will make strawberry and plum jam to eat with clotted cream on biscuits rolled and patted with flour – baked a perfect golden brown. I will splurge on peach cobbler with blackberry stained fingertips.
My home will smell of plant and earth and freshly baked cookies. I will bathe in the streams and dance under the light of the moon. I will wander by guidance of raven and hawk. I will stop to rest in meadows basking in the wildflowers. I will collect and chop wood and I will commune daily with the ancestors. I will light candles and hearth while making crown wreaths full of baby’s breath, acorns, sunflowers, and leaves…
This shall be my life and I will wake happy. 
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