Four Ravens

“Today four ravens were flying around making their distinctive calls with no obvious intent other than the sheer enjoyment of flying and displaying their mastery of the air.” -Garden Bird Behavior Blog
Today, I witnessed exactly this. It was so beautiful, I had to pull off the freeway. I was in complete awe.
Today my thoughts felt murky. My heart felt a little heavy. So I took time out of my busy schedule to just…be and breathe.
There is this notion of becoming; of awakening that promises one liberation. Which I believe with all my heart. But what we don’t hear enough about is how painful that process can be.
When people, things, beliefs – begin to fall away it can create a mourning process; a grieving. When everything comes unraveled and you feel alone, cold, left out in the rain. When people no longer seem to *get* you.
And yet there’s this feeling of elation just there beneath the surface. It’s a feeling of free-falling…enraptured by down. A sense of knowing, of understanding, that all of this is just small and insignificant to the greatness that awaits you…
But first, you must go inward. You must face your demons and shadow. You must heal the wounds that run deep.
At first it is terrifying. There’s denying, bypassing, and more often than not, numbing. Then it becomes madness…Until it doesn’t. Until you’ve walked through hell and come out the other side. Where everything is beautiful; brighter. And one day you reflect on your journey and can’t help but smile as your soul sings, “I am not a princess. I am not fragile. I am a godd*mn warrior and I survived.
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