The Ancient Mysteries of Old

Sometimes we are afforded beautiful insights into paradise- where the Universe puts everything in perfect alignment and all is well with our spirits…

It is in these moments that I often ponder my spirits origins. So many have told me I have an old soul and bear many gifts of healer. My beloved mother used to speak to me on these matters quite often. I miss those conversations.

Yesterday, I had one such day. My spirit caught flight amidst the wings of black angels…otherwise known as my crows…my spirit guides. As I sat amidst water and lush fields of vibrant green, gnarled trees that whispered my name, I felt transcended to another place or time.

What is my origin? How old is my spirit? These questions stayed with me for most of the day.

I cried out to the forest, “Show me thine mysteries. Show me my truth. Speak to me of wisdom in my Native tongue.”

As I dug in the rich dark of the earth and let it fall like sand between my fingertips, I felt my ancestors gathering around me. From the earth we came and to the earth we will return. But our energy- our spirits will go forth and continue teaching the ways of the old.

I felt a sensual breeze gently kiss my skin. The air was crisp and clouds hazy over the horizon. I found myself wanting for an old claw foot bath to soak in fragrant effervescent aromas with sacred oils anointed on my flesh. I found myself wanting—longing for my lover’s touch…

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