Grandmother Moon

I had an amazing time at the Nevada City Psychic Fair with Bhava Spiritual Mission! It was literally one of the most rewarding, inspiring, and transformative moments in my life. I was excited to experience new forms of energetic connections and was inspired that even in the midst of so much noise, I could easily and readily tap into Spirit.
During the course of the 2-day event, I connected with another Psychic Medium. He told me that in between readings, he and his partner had spent a great deal of money visiting other psychics and getting readings. He said they were both very disappointed…
On the last day of the Psychic Fair, he came to get a reading from me. And while I am confident in my gifts, I was terrified (mainly because of the reviews regarding the other psychics).
I took a deep breath and we held hands as I called in our angels, ancestors, and guides. Immediately, I was able to move out the way and allow Spirit to come through connecting him with a departed loved one and a very profound message around something that was highly personal to him and he (like so many others I had read for) left with healing Spirit tears in his eyes.
At the end of the last day as we were packing up to go, the man returned to gift me an autographed deck of oracle cards his partner had created. He said that my reading had been so profound and so healing that he couldn’t think of another way to thank me from the bottom of his heart…
This morning I decided to pull a card and I pulled Grandmother Moon. Admittedly, this is the 1st time I’ve opened the deck and was excited to receive such a beautiful message from Spirit. I was once again reminded of why this work is deeply meaningful to me. It heals. It brings insight and closure.
I will never forget the time I met with a medium who pulled my Momma through and gave details that she could not have known. It was the catalyst that began to move my heart from an unquenchable sadness with grief into a deep state of healing and I will forever be grateful for that moment.
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