Gravity is Beginning to Shift

April 10, 2018 – I made a post about a reoccurring dream I’ve had since I was a child about the ocean that finally changed from something that has always terrified me into something absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing.
I just woke up from another reoccurring dream I’ve had for as long as I can remember – a dream where nature and all of the wild beasts conquer humanity. A dream that has always been vivid and full of blood. Only somehow – this time – I took command of my dream. I took command of nature. I confronted and commanded the wild; I commanded the beasts.
Something inside is healing – shifting. And it’s really f*cking powerful. My stars are realigning and even gravity is beginning to shift. However, I’m not entirely convinced it’s my mortality in the way one might think. I believe I’m finally glimpsing my soul and the TRUTH of who I am.
[morning ramblings as I’m not quite yet awake, nor am I yet fully lucid]
Wild animals in dreams can often represent a “wilder” part of our own nature, those aspects of our personality that we like to keep caged, tamed, or domesticated. Our wild natures can often scare us because they can seem unpredictable, or not conforming to the rules we put around us to keep us safe. Wildness breaks the rules, wildness takes risks, wildness can be dangerous, but wildness is also free, brave and creative.
If you have a wild animal dream that scares or confronts you, look for where in your life you afraid of taking a risk, or where you are not allowing yourself to feel or experience something fully because you might be afraid of what will be released if you do.
If you have an exciting or exhilarating wild animal dream, think of what parts of yourself you are now getting in touch with that you might have previously ignored or resisted.
Wild animal dreams invite you to trust your instincts, to discover your own independent source of power, and to understand the challenges and rewards of freedom.
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