Grief – The Omniscient Teacher

“…we are here in the Earth school, not just for enlightenment, from my perspective. We are here to learn how to love. Pain is part of that. Being human is messy. It’s supposed to be. A lot of our purpose is about letting go but some of it is about acceptance.” – Tina Sage
Grief is an interesting beast that shows up in the most unexpected of places and expresses itself in so many ways. It can be a tsunami of emotion. It is meant to hurt – the missing – it’s meant to break you open. It’s meant to teach the cycles of love and loss; death and rebirth. It’s meant to show us how much love we can hold and when it’s too much, it spills over – everywhere and colors the heavens and earth and everything in between a different hue. It blasts us open to wide open spaces. It shakes us to our core and reminds us that death is inevitable so we might as well make the most of the living for none of us have bodies of immortality. And it will change you. It will transform you. You will never be the same after – it will set your life on fire and you will know darkness. You will know pain. You will finally understand and what remains will feel more tender, vulnerable, raw, and human…
Grief is a benevolent teacher, if we allow her to be, and can one day understand that she was not as malevolent as we once thought. It is quite literally her job to break us apart. To make us hurt. To make us feel empty so that one day we can again feel whole and complete while still understanding the pieces that have gone missing. Her job is destruction so that we can rebuild with intention. These are the moments that force us to grow. To change. To transform and to become.
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