Lotus Gypsy Soul


Awaking the Wild Woman Within


This gathering is based on the book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, written by Clarissa Pinkola Estés. It’s about going back to our roots, back to the stories of our ancestors, and back to a time when women ran free.




It’s a book for self-empowerment, self-confidence, learning to trust your instinct and to commune with your intuition. It’s about letting go of old patterns, paradigms, co-dependency and self-destruction.  It’s about facing your predators, your fears—giving them a name, giving them a voice so that you are able to release them and set them free. Only then will they no longer have power over you.


This is about living the authentic life you were meant to live and giving yourself permission to do so. It’s about finding your heart, your soul, and all that ignites the flame of desire coursing through your veins. It’s about reconnecting to your Spirit and learning to love yourself wholeheartedly.




  • Storytelling: We revisit such stories as La Loba, Vasalisa the Wise, and other tales passed from generation to generation written in the book. Then we dissect them to understand how they pertain to our lives today.


  • We will be exploring our roots, our ancestors, cultures, and doing a sort of ‘singing over the bones’ to rectify and release negative thoughts, patterns, and trauma buried deep within the psyche.


  • Soul Work, Journey Work and Energy Exchange is done as we are guided into the underworld and emerge once again, anew.


  • Ceremonial Ritual: We have a variety of activities to let what must die in our lives pass freely in reverence and that which we desire to bring to life, enter without hesitation.


  • We close with sacred words of wisdom along with parting gifts, including a copy of this beautiful book.


“Within every woman there lives a powerful force, filled with good instincts, passionate creativity, and ageless knowing. She is the Wild Woman, who represents the instinctual nature of women. But she is an endangered species. In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Dr. Estés unfolds rich intercultural myths, fairy tales, and stories, many from her own family, in order to help women reconnect with the fierce, healthy, visionary attributes of this instinctual nature. Through the stories and commentaries in this remarkable book, we retrieve, examine, love, and understand the Wild Woman and hold her against our deep psyches as one who is both magic and medicine. Dr. Estés has created a new texicon for describing the female psyche. Fertile and life-giving, it is a psychology of women in the truest sense, a knowing of the soul.” ~Alice Walker, author of The Color Purple