This morning as I slowly undressed I closed my eyes and said a prayer, a mantra of love. As I slid into hot water scented of honey and rose, I let my body relax and rest within the bubbles and foam. With one hand on my heart, the other covering my womb, I slowly and deliberately exhaled, “I love you.”
As I began to wash moving sponge over soft, pink skin caressing each pivot and scar – some by accident, some self-imposed, a single tear slipped down my cheek, “I’m sorry.”
As I turned on the faucet and let the water rinse through long locks, I remembered all the times I’ve starved, binged, gorged, and purged. “Please forgive me,” I choked.
As I stepped out into a blanket of warmth, wrapped in terry cocoon – I began to lather sweet oils, and admire the chisel of calf. I thought of all the times she has guided me, and how tenderly she has loved me…My mind drifted to bite of sun and salt. Smiling, I whispered, “Thank you.”
And as I moved to the mirror, I deliberately let the fabric fall. Gazing in her tear glistened eyes, I reached out – reflection and reality merging as one. My body. My flesh, my bones, my salt, my blood…all of it. my home
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