Hopeful Spirit

[I wrote this poem thinking of my Father who was life-flighted from Boise, ID to Utah. He was hooked up to full life support and his future was very uncertain].

Rising before the sun
Hearing soft slumber
Heart quickening: agony and rage
Unanswered questions
Comforted by silence
Stars shining brightly
Birds beginning to sing
Willing my heart to continue beating
Knowing his may not
Eyes that ask questions
When words will not come
Uncertainty, plagued by dread

Hopeful spirit
A Raven flies through prisms of blue
“I saw a dead bird flying
through a broken sky”
Overcoming odds
“Patience,” the wind whispers,
“For now you must wait
Close your eyes for today-
Today, you must rise.”

“Everything that was broken has forgotten its brokenness. I live now in a sky-house, through every window in the sun. Also your presence. Our touching, our stories. Earthy and holy both. How can this be, but it is. Every day has something in it whose name is Forever.” ~ Mary Oliver

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