How to Dissolve Your Current Reality

Our emotions, like our dreams – myth, legend, and fairytale – are not entirely rational. But when used in a healthy and constructive way, can open doors to gateways we never could have imagined. They can become the greatest teachers humanity has ever known.
Yet, it’s precisely that, our “imagination” that dissolves realities, removes veils, and connects us to our intuition and the heavenly dimensions.
Once we’ve entered these realms (usually through a form of stasis, like meditation) – the sacred, secret garden of our minds, we then become “creator” erecting narratives and forming realities of our own making. Here, in this state, is where all magic and manifestation happens. This is where archetypes become real, living and breathing creatures. Our only job, then, is to listen. Drop into our humanity and acknowledge the inherent wisdom coursing through our veins.
In this realm is also where darkness, shadow, demons, and monsters can come alive. It all depends on how far we are willing to go – how far we are willing to traverse into the wild unknown, uncharted territories of trauma and wounding to heal, to process, to shed, and to change our distorted narratives, perspectives, and reevaluate “our” belief systems – vs. what we’ve been spoon fed by others for millenniums. It’s time to stop drinking that poison.
Like all heroes and heroines, we are each given an atlas, with our own personal destiny outlined by passion and constellations mapped by the want and wonder of our soul. And when we become silent, listening, to the echoing heartbeat – reverberating as the universal Mother drum of our angels, guides and ancestors – clear guidance comes and from this place we can take inspired action to cement that which we created in our minds into a physical form (living and breathing and growing a life of it’s own volition) – into the world of here and now.
This time. This realm. This dimension. This life. Our life. Our livelihood.
Is it any wonder then, how lost many of us have become as we begin to follow the outlines and courses set by a societal construct? We were never destined to be the “same,” so why do we spend so much of our lives trying to “fit in” – to be like everyone else? Imagine if ALL the greats, the pioneers, the imaginers, inventors, alchemists, scientists, healers, doctors of medicine, artists, writers, poets, philosophers, and gods of old never rose in their power. What foundation would we have if not but sand slipping like time through an hourglass?
It’s time to WAKE UP and REMEMBER who you are and just what the f*ck you came here to do.
Side Note: No one else can “remind” you. This force is not external – it cannot be found outside of you. It is not a gift given by another. And in this realm, others opinions hold no power. It is ALWAYS and will always be, an inside job. My loves, it has been inside of you all along. It’s time to rise and wake with Sleeping Beauty’s eternal kiss.
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[Emotions, once felt, only last minutes, or lifetimes, depending on the stories we’ve created and our willingness to let go and write new tales with fresh perspective. They say sadness is the longest lasting of all emotions taking on average 120 hours to pass. Hatred is the second most enduring emotion, followed by joy, which lasts an average of 35 hours. Guilt lingers longer than the hot burn of shame; and fear tends to pass fairly quickly compared to anxiety which generally lasts much, much longer. – Karen Young]
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