I Am Raven

“I live my life in widening circles that reach out across the world. I may not ever complete the last one but I give myself to it. I circle around God, that primordial tower. I have been circling for thousands of years and I still don’t know : Am I falcon, a storm, or a great song?” ~Rainer Maria Wilke
I believe one day it will be said I AM Raven, I AM Excavated Amber, I AM Sunflowers. I’ve tasted salt, honey, mouth of stars and bite of sun. That I LOVE wild and fierce – a love so pure and true that it expands and teaches – reaches beyond time and dimension. That it was the dance of intimacy – Shakti and Shiva; conception and birth. That it grew wings and it’s own heartbeat, soul and fire – and was infinite and knew not the limitations of geography but rather was born from the heavens and free to roam, and give…And be and breathe and become…
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