I believe in Great Creator

I belong to no religion and yet I am a deeply spiritual person. I have love for all and a deep respect and reverence for everyone’s individual beliefs.
I believe in Great Creator and walk very closely to the land as I see visions of humanity in the changing of the seasons, hope in the wildflowers, wisdom in the trees, medicine in the stars, concepts of life’s ebb and flow with the waxing and waning moon, faith in the sunrise, and sanctuary in the sunset. I see freedom in wings and beauty in whale songs.
And for me, that is everything.
“Before the Black Robes came, Crows already knew about Creator. Creator doesn’t care about what religion you follow. He cares about your spirituality. He taught Natives how to live the way, in harmony with Mother Earth and all our four legged and winged relatives and all living things. The Sweat Lodge is Crow way. Vision quest and fasting on the mountain…..just like Jesus did according to that book. We are all chosen by Creator.” – Cary Lance
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