It Is Done Unto Me as I Believe

What will you declare in your life to fearlessly face, to fearlessly share, to fearlessly release, or fearlessly pursue?!
“It is done unto me as I believe.” ~Marianne Williamson
And so it is.
I used to have this stigma (that I was weak) and a story I would tell myself (about how I wasn’t brave) and I would often proclaim to the world that I needed to surrender (I needed to trust)…
And then one day I looked back on my life, the caves and underbelly of dark and wet, adventures propelling me where no man dared tread, the leap and free fall into unknown, rapture on paper wings…
I decided in that moment to let go of the bullsh*t tale, it was old and stale. And from the catacombs of ash I began to rise. Wings of fire, the Phoenix was my flame just as she was my name and I knew I would do all I had to – to pull others up so that they may climb…
And if they couldn’t find their feet, they could climb on my back and we would soar, we would roar – they would find their voice, there wasn’t a choice and together, we would #rise.
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