Journey to the Underworld

Today I took a journey which marks a very important moment in time for me- I took my first journey into the underworld. This may sound spooky to some, but I may assure it was not.

I started in a quiet meditation listening to Shamanic drumming. Before I knew it, I was in a forest entering the mouth of a cave. It was cold, damp, and very dark. The walls sharp stone made from mud and clay.

As I came out the other side, I was greeted by the night. I pushed through brush until I came to a clearing at the edge of water. There stood Anunatuk- face painted with stripes of white. Black and red feather adorned his head- pointing to up to the sky from his crown chakra. His chest was bare except a tribal breastplate made from bone. He had a wooden staff in his left hand.

Beside him sat a wolf, black as the night sky scattered with shadows. He licked his lips with anticipation. Anunatuk summoned him to stay as the beautiful beast seemed to whimper with excitement. The wolf had a name: Satyameva Jayate. A Sanskrit word meaning, ‘Truth alone triumphs.’ Apparently, it is a mantra from the Indian scripture Mundaka Upanishad. I called him Jayate for short.

We journeyed through the river of souls. Anunatuk and I stood as the wooden canoe seemed to propel itself forward. Jayate was on high alert. I have heard of Charon being the ferryman who would guide souls across the river to the underworld, but I found no such ferryman here.

Anunatuk’s expression was very somber as Jayate seemed to become agitated sensing the Nirumbree lurking about. In the distance, sacred drumming filled the air and became louder and louder as we approached our destination- wherever that might be,

A veil of a woman appeared in the night sky as an apparition dancing amidst the stars.

She gave me visions and I saw myself standing before a mirror in the forest. The image was me- but not me in the same breath. However, she moved when and as I moved- my perfect reflection in another time and place- somehow divided by realities and dimensions. The reflection stilled and with a smile, whispered, “Ah, you finally came. Welcome home. We have been waiting for you.

Confused, I turned to find a counsel sitting before me around the great fire. Men dancing about like antelope, drumming and chanting. An elder blew a plume of smoke from a long wooden pipe.

Anunatuk guided me back to the ferry. I had so many questions but somehow sensed to remain silent. I did not want to interrupt anything in this sacred space.

Without speaking, Anunatuk told me a tale, “You are blessed. Spider Woman came to you. It is she who sits at the center of the universe- her throne in the midst of the galaxy. It is she who unites all nations, joins all tribes, all peoples and realities that come together as she weaves her web. We are all connected see? Hurry now and follow Totca…

As the drumming ended with four sets of seven beats, followed by thirty seconds of fast beats, and again four sets of seven beats, a hummingbird appeared as promised and took me back to the entrance of the cave…

Here is what I know: Throughout this journey I was told names such as Satyameva Jayate, The River of Souls, Charon, Nirumbree, Spider Woman, and Totca…well these are words I have never heard before and I definitely don’t speak Sanskrit (although this seems to be my native tongue when I journey- such as the name I have been given -Asha Naseema). This vision carried the weight of impact once I came out of meditation and googled what came forth. It was like I knew what I knew though I don’t know how I knew it…This is how I know Great Spirit was my guide.

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