Lady of the Lake

Crisp, fresh air: cedar and pine

The sun slowly rising over the horizon

Casting shadows across the lake

Fog slowly rises from the water

An omniscient presence retreating to the night

Bright moon, Indigo sky

Adorned in her finest jewels waiting for her long lost love

An orchestrated light installation

The maestro unseen; a masterpiece divine

Bright burnt orange sienna infused with gold

Pinks and purples highlight the dimension and depth

White billowy clouds appear to do costume changes

Curtain calls

As they dance across the twilight

Bravo! Bravo!

The sun and the moon share one last, longing glance

As the sun rises and the moon falls

The paradox of Lady Hawk

I can almost hear the ancients; my ancestors of old

Whispering through the pines

“Welcome home, my child. Welcome home.”

Water so calm and clear

The transparency making it difficult to decipher where the sky ends and the water begins

Birds chirping in harmony; their chorus in perfect unison

Is it a lonely love song or a dance for the fairy nymphs

Two squirrels run and play

It appears to be a mother and her offspring

Eager to please, the baby follows in perfect synchrasy

A family of ducks swim across the lake

A soft breeze causes gentle ripples to cross the calm

A thousand mosquitos hover above the water

Trout jump eager for their first morning feast

As I curl myself in a warm but worn serape blanket

Steaming, rich black coffee cupped in both hands

I allow the morning dawn to stir awake something deep within

A sweet lazy smile is all he needs

Oh my sweet, sweet honey bee

Cotton and down encase us in white

Rumi and Whitman recited in love

Sweet, sweet nectar

Neck kisses and ear nibbles make me squeal like a small child

Vulnerable and trusting, I give myself to him in this beautiful place

“Welcome home, my child. Welcome home.”

Author: Mary Rogers

Editor: Caroline Beaton 

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