Let Go & Let God

I have found that I often say things that hold completely different meanings and concepts to me than it may to others – like the concept of “oneness.” I’ve never thought it meant that I am you or you are me. I know it to mean that there is divinity of Great Spirit in all things and all beings. I also know that trauma, wounding, and free will means that not everyone can see their light and divinity, others don’t want to claim it, some reject it, and others try their best to carve it out of their soul.
“Let go and allow Great Spirit – Let Go and Let God,” also being one of the phrases I’ve been using in my own life for awhile now.
When I use this phrase, it doesn’t mean, “Bypass. Don’t worry about it. Don’t do the work or feel all the things…”
To me it means the EXACT opposite. We are here to have the human experience. We are here to feel, to process, and to heal. The only way out is through.
So when I use this phrase, it’s in regards to non-attachment. It means I cannot glimpse infinity. It means that I TRUST with my whole heart and soul that Great Spirit sees the bigger picture and that there are endless and infinite possibilities that are far greater than my nimble mind might believe or could ever conceive.
So yes, process. Do the work. Feel the feels. But stop trying to control the outcome. Stop trying to control your destiny. Cloth yourself in Faith, commune with Great Spirit daily (as THIS is how the most intimate relationships are forged), and Trust that everything is working in your favor – even when it feels like it isn’t. Know that even when life may feel like bricks crushing your very soul – you are being broken to be remade anew. You do understand how diamonds are made and how butterflies earn their wings, do you not? So why would you, Precious One, be any different? Ours, too, is a process of evolution and alchemy. Only ours isn’t necessarily instinctual (though we do have billions of years of evolution and the DNA of our Ancestors coursing through our veins) but, rather, an intentional process of becoming. And this all begins by believing in yourself.
And as far as having a billions of years of evolution and the DNA of our Ancestors coursing through our veins – until we can get quiet from the chaos of our minds, we will not be able hear the sacred drumbeat calling us home. And no – it isn’t all love and light. We need to face our shadow and dance with the darkness of our hearts. For only in this deep dark void, are we able to truly witness the majestic constellations mapped across our souls. And this is where we see the atlas we drew before we ever entered the womb. This is how we solve the mystery and unlock our own Pandora’s Box – which holds the greatest power ever known to man. And it’s name is Hope.
A few weeks ago, I fully surrendered into a place of acceptance. I fully released my fear around death. I know that eventually we all die. Every mortal body shares this same fate. I also believed in myself (as I do believe in soul agreements and the intentional mapping of our lives and of our greater fate while we were/are still pure Source Energy – before we reenter the human realms). So I had to have Faith that the path I had chosen for myself was, indeed, for my highest and greatest good. I also Believed that Great Spirit can intervene and change the course of our fate as may be necessary for some reason or another. We are not limited by space and time and all the ways we like to cage ourselves – keeping ourselves trapped and small.
And while this revelation made many uneasy, I witnessed my own stars realign as platelets, magma, and even gravity began to shift. I saw a light and a golden orb open from the fault lines within my very soul. I glimpsed my own sun and moon. I am Alpha and Omega. I am a Creator. This is the gift bestowed by Great Spirit planted inside for all. It is our job then, to water, to nourish, and provide the light and right environment for these gifts to grow.
“When you let go something magical happens you give God [Great Spirit] room to work.” – Mandy Hale
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