Life Beneath the Trees

Having so much fun creating art – something I haven’t done in so long. And I am absolutely loving this new journal I have. About every 10th lined page, they leave 5 blank ones for you to create. I am by no means an “artist” but I had forgotten how nice it is to create something without using words 🌳 Also loving these new watercolor pencils I got. You draw, color, and then go over it with water and a brush. Then, voila 😍
I had an amazing session with Ingrid Turner yesterday. It was my 1st 1:1 with her and I was blown away. She’s soooooo good. I love how she holds space for you to step back and truly witness yourself and all the little dramas and stories you create. I love how she holds a mirror, and in the most loving way possible, calls you out on your stuff. I love how she guides you away from the “story,” moves you back into feeling the emotion, and then helps you pull the energy and identify where it lands in your body.
When we 1st began our session, I was in outer space. By the time we finished, I had cried, purged, truly felt, identified (without creating a story), and was completely grounded – rooted in – and back in my body. I felt whole. And I know I have a long way to go.
I was able to clearly see (without self-judgement) how I teeter between savior and martyr and how this became my “role” or identity at a very young age. My codependency and how that feeds the savior – and the martyr. And my lack of boundaries – all the emotions that brings to the surface. And how much inner child healing I want to delve into.
At the end of the session she said she kept seeing a vision of trees arching with a buck standing before them. She said that my connection with nature is what grounds me and to spend more time there. And then she gave me homework which has already helped me to become even more aware of the ways I give my power away. How to reclaim that power. How to embody the experience, breathe, release, and ground back in.
I am so excited to be on this journey. I’m fully committed to healing. I want to release that which no longer serves me and that which isn’t for my highest and greatest self – my highest and greatest good. Ever since I said “YES” to being a part of Bhava Spiritual Mission, I’ve already experienced huge shifts. I’ve given myself the gift of healing. I’ve given myself the gift of me.
📸 Art inspired by yesterday’s session
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