Liquid Gold

I watched an orb of gold
Dance across the night sky
I watched the moon
Swell and recede
Moving like the tide
I saw a golden thread
Weaved between constellations
Intertwined like the tapestries of our lives
I sipped the sun
Nestled between the clouds
As God touched my soul
Whilst the Angels sang a lullaby
I swam in the depths
Of the deep ocean blue
As a beluga whale sonar echoed
I have a song just for you
The dolphins chattered
As the humpbacks dived
The octopus gathered
Inking words of wisdom
Splattered like paint against indigo sky
Be like the Mermaid and swim not in despair
The Seal Woman whose soul-skin
Is kept always near
I flew with the Raven
Circling through the rain
Wings lifted on wind – engulfed in pleasure
Though feathers shredded in torrents of pain
We landed in a nest
Built high upon a mighty oak
Who came to life, this ancient sentient
Creature of old
She whispered brazenly
That my life was about to unfold
Trust your heart for you’ve been planted
An acorn cracking open – mysteries untold
The veil has been lifted – Use your third eye to see
For you are a drop in the ocean gilded
Forever in infinity
The Earth songs humming along dragon lines
Of infinite love created by the Universe
All realms dancing between time
Your Ancestors are singing you home
Encoded words pulsing through veins
Will you head the call whilst the wild in you
Remains untamed and defiantly reclaimed
© 2019, Mary Rogers Glowczwskie | Woods and Wander | Oracle Sessions, All Rights Reserved
? Ahmed Gamal
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