Long into the Abyss


When you’ve upleveled to a new personal best and your body comes undone like the caterpillar that dissolves into mush just to alchemize into the beautiful butterfly it was always meant to be.There’s something to be said about the snake and the tarantula when they shed their skin, time and time again. It’s a magical process that we all come to know – just as intimately as our own breath; our own blood pulsing through veins and the bass that beats behind ribs of cage.
Yesterday, I came undone and I had no choice but to smile at the lessons that came. Energy is everywhere and in everything. Sometimes that energy is dark and robust and heavy. Sometimes it blows light as a feather, feeding the souls of ancestors from so long ago. Sometimes we smile and stretch like the yellow bright daffodil. Other times we wither and blow like wishes and tumbleweeds on a desolate day – across the desert we stumble, toil, surrender, and fall. Yet our journey moves us forward with bated breath and with the inertia of dragons, we slay.
Each has their purpose and there is just as much beauty in the dying as there is in life. Just as gold can be found in the tiniest crevice, so too, can it be found in the darkness – even when the last candle has lost its flame. They say the world can be changed by the silent flicker of wings and still, the butterfly will rise, without so much as an apology…
Yesterday erupted into chaos and madness. The very ingredients of a magical life. I found myself laughing at the unraveling. Spirit whispered from creation of the void. I learned that even our gifts can be unpredictable. Free Will can override the greatest visions, just as ego can destroy the soul. And I felt myself lost in the madness, laughing at it all. For what is this chaos but an illusion? And yet still – we rise from the depths of hell to save the idea of heaven we all so desperately long for…
In the end, we will all “laugh at gilded butterflies.” – Shakespeare, King Lear
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