Lord & Lady – Gentle Stag


This morning brought an onset of visions born by fire, forged in blood. It was almost a mental video going through the Wheel of the Year going so quickly, it all became a blur. Little by little, the wheel slowed and taking notice of my surroundings, I saw Him. Pan, green life springing forth anew – flourishing.

Masked, we circled each other weaving in-and-out, intertwining ribbons around the maypole in a graceful dance we somehow instinctively knew. There He was, the Horned God near the Beltane fires where the dance seemed to grow in anticipation until the whole world echoed the sound of our beating hearts.

There was He, no longer outside, but under candlelight in my boudoir. Masked, horned, the predator and the prey. The vibrato of desire seemed to escalate to the point of no return. No, not the Horned One, but my Beloved – my lover and best friend.

“And so the God is the proud stag who haunts the heart of the deepest forest, that of the Self. He is the stallion, swift as thought, whose crescent hooves leave lunar marks even as they strike sparks of solar fire. He is the goat-Pan, lust and fear, the animal emotions that are also the fostering powers of human life; and He is the moon-bull, with its crescent horns, its strength, and its hooves that thunder over the earth…” ~Starhawk

We were once again in the forest and though it was dark and the only light given was by the rays of the moon – I was not afraid. He was I and I was He. We were one. King and Queen. Priest and High Priestess.

Together we stood above the pools of life, transcending space and time. The reflecting pool – the scrying glass. Energy as life, as the universe, ever fluid and as we raised our arms above the fountain that sustains all, I felt sheer ecstasy coursing through my veins. I could sense, feel and see the ripples of energy, like water blasting forth a walkway of rainbow light. Brilliant and spectacular, the rays were encompassing, intertwining, and all connecting.

Looking toward my Beloved, I saw him beginning to fade like a hologram. There was no more light. There was no longer a rainbow. Within moments, the leaves turned brown and began to fall cascading and floating on the rivers edge. Here, in this beautiful place, space and time, He sacrificed himself and gave himself to She so that in time, all can once more begin anew…

“What affects one thing affects, in some way all things: All is interwoven into the continuous fabric of being. Energy is ecstasy. When we drop the barriers and let power pour through, it floods the body, pulsing through every nerve, arousing every artery, coursing like a river that cleanses as it moves. In the eye of the storm, we rise on the winds that roar through mind and body, throbbing a liquid note as the voice pours out shimmering honey in waves of golden light, that as they pass, leave peace…” ~Starhawk

Energy, like the swell of the ocean tide, is always moving – ever changing. There is no end. Only new beginnings. Can you feel it?

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