Mermaids and God


“The desperate need today is not for a greater number of intelligent people, or gifted people, but for deep people.” – Richard J. Foster

On the way to Hayward yesterday (it was a 2 hour and 45 minute drive, each way), I listened to a pastor on AM radio give an entire sermon around this quote and it was really powerful. It was all about vulnerability and feeling and emotions and how they guide us if we learn to turn in and listen. Our emotions are just as powerful as our intuition – in fact, the two are deeply intertwined. About how when we are able to dive deeply into our own hearts and soul – how much deeper we can go with others without feeling a need to shrink away. How we are able to stand side-by-side with those who are experiencing their own dark night of the soul and can stand there braving their darkness, braving their hell, while illuminating the path to freedom and liberation – without getting pulled into their tsunami. And how it all begins by claiming what we are feeling (at any given moment) to dismantle the “stories” we are constantly feeding ourselves – which only create drama and a spinning of the intellect. I got very excited as we are taught this technique and trained how to do this through the Bhava Ministry. Ingrid Turner calls this technique Soulmatic Renewal (™).

Going deep also means dismantling our domestication and conditioning and questioning everything. This is a bit daunting once you fully realize we’ve all been hand-fed lies throughout our entire lives. History is not as we have been taught. It’s been white-washed throughout the ages. A good example is the story of the First Thanksgiving…

Or the Bible and how it is the ultimate word of God. Many have killed and started holy wars to defend this book. Many have judged and many have condemned. And yet once you dive in deeply, you begin to understand all the things. About how people in power often become corrupt, blinded by their own agenda, and how entire books have been removed, disregarded, how translations have been changed (I cannot wait to share the 1st part of Genesis in The Metaphysical Bible Study) and how it has become a copy of a copy of a copy and in some cases (like the New Testament), the original scripts no longer even exist.

(Shanna S Mathews-Mendez recommended I see the movie Smallfoot as the metaphors match just this. About how people throughout history have done all they can to protect a lie through additional deception).

Sometimes I miss my ignorance. I miss my naivety. And yet, I am happy I swallowed the red pill. I am happy to have discovered and dissolved the illusion of this life. Now more than ever, I understand why the Egyptians spent their entire lives in the living – learning how to navigate death. For that is where “real life” begins. And yet, we chose this experience. We chose humanity. We are here to expand our souls. We came to experience individuality, dualism, contrast, and emotion. We came here to deep dive into the Unknown – to discover new treasures in uncharted and unexplored territory. We came to experience healing and love.

So I ask you: how deep are you willing to go? Are you willing to deep dive into the depths of your soul?

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