Misquoting Jesus

I love the synchronicity of Great Spirit. I completed and posted my blog on The History of the King James Bible 2 days ago. Yesterday, I visited Salvation Army in Grass Valley as they are closing. As I was scanning the racks of books still available, lo and behold, this book quite literally dropped off the shelf. So, of course, I had to purchase it for less than $1.00.
I am only on page 21 but had to giggle as this book has already covered at least three of the things I posted about in my blog in regards to the inconsistency (or, rather, inaccuracies) in the New Testament. Most of which, happened in the translation from Greek into English. And of course, the fact that no one has the “original” works that were inspired by God. Rather, scholars have had to work off of a copy of a copy of a copy, and so forth.
In the past, this would have confirmed and justified my aversion to the Bible. But something new has awakened from within and I do still believe that much wisdom can be gleaned from this sacred text and body of work. I am not deterred and am still moving forward with the Metaphysical Bible Study that Great Spirit has impressed upon my soul.
However, this morning Great Spirit asked me to once again pick up the pages of Carl Jung‘s Red Book (liber novus). So for today, this will be the playground for my mind to play and wander.
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