Mother Drum

Last night’s Shamanic Drumming & Journey Circle was such a beautiful event. Setting intentions with the New Moon of balance in Libra. Lighting candles to send those prayers to the heavens. Mother Drum; heartbeat of creation. Collective safe space held. And the Guides – our Ancestors – my tribe in the angelic realms between forest and sky, sea and land. Deep within myself, I returned home.
Currently Diffusing: Journey On
This inspiring aroma is herbaceous, earthy, and includes a careful selection of powerful oil blends, including Dream Catcher™, ImmuPower™, and Motivation™, along with Copaiba, Cinnamon Bark, and Peppermint essential oils. Its beautiful, grounding aroma is meant to inspire people everywhere to celebrate what makes us unique and show greater understanding and compassion for one another. Use this inspired blend to be motivated in your personal journey toward whole-life wellness.
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