My Geruda Encounter – The Blue Avian

Last night I attended Ingrid Turner‘s channeling circle. Each time the experience is so unique and Divine. After we each received channeled messages, at the close, loved one’s starting coming through and though it was a channeling circle, it also became about mediumship and was incredibly powerful to witness.
The rest of the night was full of Divine guidance as I slept in a fit of messages and dreams…
(I will be sharing these messages but am wanting to really articulate them the best I can. So for right now, I am sharing just one of these visions and messages)…
At one point I saw a royal blue disc with a golden band and golden symbols. I tried to get a clear glimpse of the symbols but as I tried to look closer, the vector started spinning and each section (or piece of the pie) started opening into a smaller circle that would spin and open through the center. I traveled through the spheres until I suddenly seemed to “know” I was being shown “infinity.”
I started to contract and I asked, “Is it safe for me to glimpse infinity? Can my brain handle this or is this about to blow my mind and take me down a rabbit hole of insanity?”
I suddenly felt “ripped” back and I was sitting in a tipi looking up at the sky through the round hole at the top where smoke flaps would normally be. And I was given this message:
“What you can see now is limited. That’s what the human experience is like. You can see small sections at a time but can’t see the whole sky, the whole plan, or glimpse infinity. The possibilities are endless in creation. If you could glimpse infinity and eternity and see the greater picture, it would all make sense. But it would be overwhelming and yes, the human mind couldn’t hold such a concept. You are shown small pieces of your life, which change and evolve with every decision you make. And once worked through, you then get to see another piece of the canvas. That’s why hindsight is so powerful – self-reflection. It’s because you can start putting the pieces together, slowly, one by one. Yet the full puzzle will never quite seem complete. And this is where faith and trust in the Infinite become your allies – trusting that everything is evolving and unfolding as it’s meant to. But humans get in their own way. They think they know more than the Infinite…”
The voice was one and the voice was many – though all was spoken telepathically.
I turned and saw a blue man with the facial features of a bird leaving through the side flap of the tipi and a large blue feather landed in my lap (as I was sitting in lotus).
Of course when I woke up I had to begin writing things down and tried to decipher and understand the experiences. This is where Google becomes my friend.
I could not find a picture of the disc I am referring to and this is the closest I could find and through the center of the stars is where it opened and I traveled through. Though I could not tell you if the symbols were zodiac, Egyptian, runes, or otherwise. Someone did recommend I should look up the Wheel of Life or Mahakala as the imagery is very similar.
And when I googled about blue bird people, I came across a whole lot of information regarding the “Blue Avians.” Here is a link to one of the articles:
So yeah, I’m just over here feeling mind blown 🤯😜
I love how the article talks about Ra and Thoth and Garuda – who was literally just recommended to me as a deity (which was a channeled message from Ingrid for me – given on Friday) to begin working with and who I know little about (Garuda, that is). #synchronicity

The Andromedans
These Andromedan are called Alien or blue Avian energy beings whose roots are traced back to the Andromeda Galaxy, which is our closest neighbor and only a mere 2.2 million light years away. God created this Andromeda galaxy for the Andromedans to have a place to call home. The Andromeda Galaxy is surrounded by a large and massive halo of hot gas that is estimated to contain half the mass of the stars in the galaxy. The nearly invisible halo stretches about a million light-years from its host galaxy, halfway to our Milky Way galaxy. Simulations of galaxies indicate the halo formed at the same time as the Andromeda Galaxy. This shows that God created this Galaxy for their home. The massive Halo is the sign.
Andromedans are far more advanced than simple humans and as they were made by God with Magic, they have eternal life. Perhaps the most striking aspect of the Andromedan Blue Avians is their higher energy density and extradimensional abilities. While these beings do appear physically as blue, bird-like creatures, this is only one aspect of their dimensional nature, perhaps adopted to bring comfort to beings within our presence. When they do choose to materialize in physical space, they appear as humanoid creatures with bird-like heads, beaks and usually blue feathers. The Andromedans have been visiting our planet since life started and travel in what appears as small spaceships or called by some as Spheres. They were responsible for creating the first plants as well as all life on Earth and other planets. Unlike most Aliens, the Andromedans actually have compassion for humans and concern for our well-being as they were our creators. They are still our watchers or as some also call them “Guardian angels”. However, it is unclear to what length they will go to in order to protect us from ourselves as they follow Gods orders.God will decide our future. The Andromedans are also called just Avians by some. These Andromedans primarily communicate using telepathy without being seen, and often initiate contact with humans via dreams. They are a being made of pure energy and can even shapeshift into other animals or humans or turn invisible at will.
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