My Temple

I am grateful for the home I was given in this lifetime – my body. My flesh, my bones, my salt, my blood…all of it. my home.
I have not always been so kind and yet, she has always been forgiving. After getting in a head-on collision with a semi-truck in 1996, she and I were at constant war with each other. And yet, she healed. Slowly and deliberately. Fully and functionally. She taught me how to be alone with myself. How to have patience.
I have force fed her too much alcohol, too many chemicals, unhealthy food, not enough nutrients. I have not always given her the stretch and sun she has longed for. I have yelled at her. Berated her. Made fun of her.
And yet, she has always remained day after day. She moves when I ask her to. She inhales, exhales, and kindly – lovingly – and gently reminds me when I have been pushing her too hard. When she is hurting. When I need rest.
She has been with me since birth. We have lived entire lifetimes since I was born. She has grown with me – side by side. She is resilient. She is beautiful. She is me and I am her. This sacred union – wholly and holy – together.
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