Read My Body Like Naked Poetry

As I walk through your library

With it’s soft ember light
And see your classics lined perfectly—just so
Pages well-worn, your favorite verses lined
I pace the room
Caress the edge of green velvet
Blow chalk and hit stripes with the cue
But this game will just not do
High heels and black lace
I came prepared for the chase

Sitting on the felt, I part my legs—just so

Do you bite? Do you moan?
Show me a kingdom I’ve never known
Read my body like a well versed- naked poem
With curiosity and depth
Touch me as you would your favorite novel
Reading for the first time in braille
Caress my body gently
Each hand stitched embroidered page
Gilded in gold on three sides

Recite erotica with your brazen lips
Those soft, delectable, seductive lips
That make me bite mine
And make me desire to run my finger across yours
Your perfect, satin kiss
Whiskey and smoke linger on your breath as you exhale
Oh, my dragon—my fierce, fierce dragon

I run my fingers through your three day stubble
And inhale your manly scent
Rugged with sweat and stale cologne
And your jeans—the way they hang—just so
I gaze into your hazel-gray eyes
And see white sand and stormy seas
And for a moment- just for a moment
I glimpse eternity…

Author: Mary Rogers

Editor: Yoli Ramazzina

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