Nevada City Psychic Fair 2019

This past weekend, I had the honor of doing readings at the Nevada City Psychic Fair with Bhava Spiritual Mission which I have been a part of for the past three months (90 days). I have known the Founder, Ingrid Turner, for almost four years. Ingrid, who is a Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher (or rather, a Psychic Coach), started the Bhava Spiritual Mission on the persistent advice of her Spirit guide, Monz. She weaved together her woo world of channeling, mediumship, and spiritual teaching, and her practical background in marketing and technology, and created a year-long program that teaches people how to find their own spiritual gifts, and create a business around those gifts – creating a life lived in partnership with spirit. The results I have experienced have been profound to say the least.

When I began this program, I knew I was intuitive. I knew I was clairaudient and clairvoyant. And now – so many other amazing gifts have opened: clairsentience, clairempathy, deep channeling, psychic mediumship, and claircognizance have all been stepping forward. And it has been an incredible journey. I have done one on one tarot readings since 2016 and after beginning this program, my business has increased exponentially. However, I have never done something of this magnitude. While I was extremely excited, I was also anxious, nervous, scared… I had so many emotions running through me at once, it was a little difficult to breathe.

But then we began. And we had one person after another wanting readings. We became so busy that my nerves had no choice but to leave me as Spirit took over. I had the opportunity to do so many readings – mostly psychic mediumship and bringing others departed loved one’s through. I had person after person leaving my booth in gratitude and deep healing tears. I even had one medium (who had been read by almost everyone at the fair and swore they were all frauds) who was so deeply touched by the message I provided from his deceased brother, that I do believe we will now be friends for life.

The experience was more than anything I could have ever hoped for and I truly enjoyed experiencing different types of energy and readings. And I was reminded time and time again why I do this work (which really isn’t even “me” as it is my job to move out of the way and allow Great Spirit to work through me as a vessel).  I was so deeply moved by this experience.

I enjoyed doing channeling, helping others realize and tune into their own intuitive gifts, doing tarot readings, and mediumship – helping others connect with their deceased loved ones and the healing messages that came through, and doing a few energy healing sessions.
Today, I am wiped out.
Normally, I only do 2 – 4 of these sessions per day as it requires me to stay in a very high vibrational energetic state. So today is about self- care and rest as the rain outside sings lullabies and the magic of life rustles through the leaves – landing gently across my heart.
[“Pure Source Energy has to lower the vibration while the Medium has to raise theirs in order to connect on a common energetic plane for communication to take place.” – Gordon Smith]


And if you, yes YOU, the person reading this – has a passion that runs this deep – let it consume you until you birth it with every part of your being into this world. For THAT is the purpose of living…


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