New Moon in Taurus | May 4th, 2019

The new moon in Taurus signals a time to birth new foundations that reflect our true values. In order to do that we have to pause & review if our life does truly reflect what most aligns with our Soul. If we don’t do this what we’ve built may start to crack due to internal pressure or external events may threaten our stability as an invitation to restructure before everything is reduced to ground zero rubble.

The slow moving outer masculine planets of Saturn (responsibility) & Pluto (transformation) are still in Capricorn, the sign of structure adding further internal pressure urging us to make necessary changes. With Mars, the planet of action is in Gemini signalling we must first change out thinking and address inner conflict surfacing as an inner dual with our dual nature.

Jupiter directly opposite Mars is challenging us to confront how we help our hinder our own expansion and luck – the key to overcoming it is to examine the stories we tell ourselves and ask, is that true?

Taurus asks us to remember love is the only truth, the only way forward & the true essence of all things in creation…everything else is manifest from a distortion within our minds.

This new moon asks us to review how we’ve limited our growth from fear based thoughts rather than choices motivated by love that support our continued growth & expansion. Unlike fear based thoughts that result in contraction as we attempt to stay safe & preserve the status quo.

Taurus is the sign of the master builder. So this new moon transit asks us to confront where we have allowed our inner miser to overshadow our creative attempts & shift into true abundance by expressing a generosity of Spirit, knowing our needs will always be met if we simply continue to direct the flow of love as directed by our heart’s guidance. One who understands love is the force of all things generates their creative genius & miracles of support with grace.

So this new moon consider setting the intent to embody love, express love & serve love in every moment so we can all be our biggest version of ourselves & live our greatest shared destiny.

This new moon sees Neptune forming a sextile aspect to the Sun. A sextile is like a helping hand. So in this instance we have Neptune, the planet of inspiration and spiritual advancement reaching out like Michelangelo’s painting on the Sistine chapel offering insight through dreams, psychic impressions, empathy and artistic visions.

Neptune evokes both the artist and the mystic. I feel they are both aspects of the one journey. Since art is the language of the soul, we often start connecting to our Soul and the inner realms where our Soul resides through art and then realize as we mature that we are the masterpiece and our life the work of art we are creating through our perspective and choices.

Regardless, this is an opportune time to express your inner self through art or attune to the Spirit world.

New Moons always represent the start of one lunar cycle, right when the Moon is conjunct the Sun and is invisible to our eyes. This conjunction is an excellent time for new beginnings and fresh starts. Moreover, it will be a good period for starting new projects or making radical changes.

During New Moons, we can find clarity on what we want, and we will let go of everything that no longer serves us. New Moons’ effects usually last for two weeks, until the following Full Moon.

With the upcoming New Moon, occurring in the sign of Taurus, we may expect new beginnings and fresh starts related to our sense of safety and our belongings, together with our capacities to persevere and be patient. The effects of this lunar cycle will last until the Scorpio Full Moon happening on the 18th of May.

The New Moon will make just one planetary aspect, and it is the sextile towards the planet Neptune. It is going to be a really positive influence.

The sign of Taurus is a comfortable one to be in. It is, in fact, a grounded earth sign, and that’s why the New Moon will be an excellent time for grounding because we are sometimes not aware of the effects that our environment has on our moods.

Just like we already mentioned, this lunar cycle could also bring us some new beginnings which would be related to our environment, sense of safety, and belongings. It will be an amazing time to set our goals, while the Taurus’ fixed qualities are going to help us in sticking to those goals and even put all of them into some action.

This Taurus New Moon, 2019, will also be an excellent period for spiritual work and group activities. It will improve any psychic or intuitive abilities. Meditation, vivid dreams, or also occult work are going to bring some inspiring insights which will lead to greater contentment and self-understanding.

The Mars opposite Jupiter aspect will also provide us with courage, sex appeal, and strength. It will increase our desire to be the winner, and our self-confidence as well. We may also be prepared to take the needed risks in order to have our passionate desires and wishes fulfilled.

However, greed, selfishness, or overconfidence could bring embarrassment and loss. We have to take those into consideration, and we have to remember that humility, patience, and self-control. In that way, we can become successful in romance, sports, business, and politics.

Another sextile of the New Moon also emphasizes some themes related to self-improvement to the North Node in the sign of Cancer. This node is about our desires, while the south one is about what we let go. For instance, if we want to quit some bad habits, or doing good to become our habit, the New Moon will be perfect for that purpose.

The effects that this lunar cycle will have on us are going to last about four weeks or so, up to the following New Moon on the 3rd of June. The primary two weeks of the New Moon will be the best period for beginning some new projects or making fresh starts. The Moon’s waxing phase will last from the 4th of May until the 18th of May when there will be a Full Moon.

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