The Four Elements are the basic building blocks of organic life and from the Shamanic perspective; they influence not only our physical form but also our personalities and behaviors. We intuitively know this and we have some colorful expressions to prove it, such as: “he has a short fuse”, “keeping my head above water”, “salt of the earth” or “building castles in the air”.


Consciously connecting with the elements can help us to understand ourselves better and provide us with a tool for creating change, balance and harmony in our lives.


The Fire Element is quite different from the other elements because it is a chemical process and has a life similar to our own – it appears from seemingly nowhere, it feeds off organic matter, it grows, requires air to breathe and when it is done it dies away, having made quite an impression in its short life. The ability to harness and utilize fire is one of the most significant evolutionary steps in the history of human development.


Fire has the power to transform all that it touches, and can teach us how to use alchemy within ourselves. Symbolically we can use fire to purify the self, to burn off the dross in our lives as well as to melt and merge conflicting aspects. We can use fire to warm a cold heart, to invigorate a depressed spirit and to ignite a spark of interest. Whilst building a bonfire on the beach is spectacular, meditating with a candle is an equally powerful and effective way to reconnect with the Fire Element…


Why a candle?


Can you remember the intense energy you put into making your wish as you blew out your birthday candles when you were a child? Have you ever wondered where this tradition comes from – why you wish upon candles? Or why many churches and spiritual organizations light candles for healing or for the deceased?


It is rooted in the simplest and oldest form of ritual – which has been practiced for centuries. The difference is, now, as an informed spiritual being, instead of making a “wish,” you’re going to learn how to declare your intention which sends a much more powerful energy to Source.


If you have someone (including yourself), or a situation that you are wanting to lift in healing prayer, send well wishes and abundance to, or anything of the sort – I offer the opportunity to receive a reiki candle.


For an even, small exchange of $20, I will customize (prepare, dress, and in some instances light) a candle for you (or your loved one) and infuse the candle with reiki energy.  If purchasing 5 or more candles, it will be at $10/person/candle.


Please Note: I pride myself on integrity. I will not do anything dark and/or against another…this is for loving and/or healing blessings only